Livestock Handling Equipment

Quality livestock handling equipment adds efficiency and safety to any operation for both the farmer and the animal. We offer major brands of equipment like Priefert, W-W Systems, Apache, and more. Co-op’s own line of gates and livestock panels are made right here in Tennessee and offer exceptional durability and value. Our staff is available to help design, deliver, and install systems that fit your budget and needs. Let us work with you to make your operation more efficient.


Co-op feeds are developed using the latest research by highly trained nutritionists. We have economy and premium options to suit your needs, and we can provide custom blends. 


We offer all major brands of animal health products to help keep your livestock healthy and performing at their peak. Choose from Zoetis, Beohringer Ingelheim (BI), Merck, and Novartis.




Premium Co-op Pinnacle Horse Feeds offer horse owners superior nutrition options for horses of all types from trail riding to performance to show animals. We also have a wide selection of tack and show supplies, as well as daily care items like grooming brushes and tools, and feed and water buckets


United Farm is your source for all your pet needs. We offer a wide selection of pet foods and treats for dogs and cats and many other species. We have pet health products, pet beds, dog houses, automatic feeders, collars, leashes, and products for flea and tick control.


If your human likes those feathered creatures that don’t fly much, they’ll find supplies for ducks and chickens here too, including brooder kits, scratch and feed, waters, incubators, etc.