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Hi friends, Jozey here!

When’s the last time your humans visited the pet section at United Farm & Home? Unless it was an hour ago, it’s time for you and your human family to stop by. You won’t believe the range of products they carry – and the choices of styles and colors!! It’s enough to make even cats giddy!

Of course, the selection of stuff for us dogs and those cat creatures is amazing, but did you know United also carries feed, housing, grooming, and other items for your other furry friends, like Peter Rabbit and Stuart the Mouse.

Do your humans love it when birds visit your yard? We carry all the supplies they need to attract all kinds of birds, and if they like the ones that quack or cluck, we’ve got products for them, too!

If your humans need help choosing the right product for you, the humans here are really knowledgeable and friendly. Together, they will find everything needed to keep you and your friends happy and healthy!

Hey, and the next time you’re here, why not enjoy a little spa treatment? Our dog wash is awesome. It’s quick, stress-free, and your humans can shop for you while you’re getting pampered.

** Product will vary by location

Pet Supplies for dogs, cats, and other four-legged friends:

Shelter and comfort: A large selection of crates, beds, cages, and outdoor houses

Handle with love : Lots of sizes, colors, and varieties of leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, and scratchers

Care: Wide selection of grooming products and supplies, litter, pads, oral care, and flea and tick products

Pet food and feeding supplies:

Canned, bagged, ounces or pounds, we’ve got a wide brand selection with choices from economic to premium for all stages of growth as well as specialty diet needs.

We also carry a large assortment of bowls in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, as well as automatic waterers, mats, and other feeding supplies.

Pet Wash: 

 **Columbia locations only
Next time your human visits, tag along and take advantage of the store’s pet wash area. You’ll leave smelling great and feeling so fresh and clean!

We won't tell your human you really like bathtime! 


Wild Bird:

We carry a wide variety of bird feed options. Even if your human wants to attract specific species, like hummingbirds, United carries the products to make even the pickiest birds want to visit. We also offer a large selection of decorative houses and feeders, even for specific species like hummingbirds.

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